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EAF Dust Recycling Services
Horsehead’s state-of-the-art recycling facilities recover zinc from EAF dust generated by minimill steel producers. Horsehead’s management of this material is in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency requirements and allows the steel producers an option over land-filling or other expensive disposal methods.

  • Proven Technology: Horsehead’s technology is commercially proven; recognized as the “Best Demonstrated Available Technology"
  • Security: Eliminate hazardous waste through recycling, a superior alternative to the short and long-term issues associated with land-filling
  • Reliability: Multi-location recycling to ensure reliable service
  • Commitment: Commitment to the EAF dust recycling business and to expanding the range of products and services offered to the steel industry
  • Competitive Pricing: Horsehead provides the highest quality recycling service at a competitive cost

Horsehead is proud that we have provided the steel industry with reliable, environmentally sound recycling services. Our facilities have processed over 7 million tons of EAF dust resulting in over 1.2 million tons of zinc product.

Horsehead recycling services – the best alternative to the management of your hazardous waste.