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Zinc Residue Purchases
Horsehead’s uniquely flexible recycling and processing technologies can accommodate a diverse range of zinc feeds for use in the manufacturing of our zinc metal and value-added zinc products. To supplement its raw material requirements, Horsehead purchases various zinc-bearing secondary materials such as top dross, bottom dross and skims, much of which is from hot-dip and continuous galvanizing processes. In addition to the dross and skims from the galvanizing industry, Horsehead purchases other types of zinc-bearing residues from the zinc, brass and alloying industries. Many of these materials are acquired from Horsehead’s own customers; a partnership that facilitates the completion of the recycling loop, from recycled zinc to finished zinc products.

Please feel free to contact our Raw Material Department if you have any type of zinc-bearing residue you are interested in discussing.

Horsehead Corporation generates about 300,000 tons per year of an Iron-Rich Material (IRM) as a by-product of its EAF dust recycling process. IRM is typically sold to asphalt, cement and aggregate market applications. IRM has also been sold to steel producers as a source of low-cost iron units to supplement their use of scrap metal. In both cases, these applications close the recycling loop.

In addition, IRM is sold under the trademark ECOTITE™ as a filtration media in environmental water purification applications. ECOTITE™ has been used to solve groundwater contamination issues related to acid mine drainage and heavy metals contamination.